Pool Opening/Closing



Trust the pros at Acme to open and close your pool the right way, every time.



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As spring approaches, you’ll soon hear the pool calling your name. Trust the experienced team at ACME to:

  • Remove and dispose of debris from cover
  • Remove cover and inquire about placement
  • Fasten anchors/remove plugs
  • Clean surrounding area with water
  • Drain water to proper level
  • Ensure pump/filter system is not leaking and runs properly
  • Start system/add chemicals
  • Brush step and scum line

At the end of the season, the crew at ACME will handle the nitty gritty so you don’t need to.

  • Drain water to the appropriate level
  • Add closing chemicals
  • Properly drain pipes
  • Secure the customer’s winter cover in place

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