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Why an In-Ground Pool?

There are countless reasons why in-ground pools are quite possibly the best thing that can happen to a backyard. They are aesthetically pleasing, fully customizable, and tons of fun. With an in-ground pool, you can have a stay-cation all summer long. 

If space is a concern, we’ll map out your backyard and create a pool package that works for your space.


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In-Ground Pools by Material


A vinyl (or vinyl-lined) pool is made up of a custom-designed steel wall, with a vinyl liner covering the inside of the structure. Contemporary vinyl is extremely durable, and provides a number of benefits. This most common type of swimming pool, as it is cost-effective and low maintenance.


Fiberglass pools have become very popular, and by taking advantage of new manufacturing technologies, offer hundreds of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from.  A modern fiberglass pool is easy to maintain, and lasts for decades if cared for properly.


Concrete inground pools give you the most flexibility when it comes to custom shapes and sizes. If you can imagine a shape, you can build it in concrete as long as it will hold water. Smooth transitions between different shapes and depths, unique features, and customizable surfaces are all yours to decide.

The Pool Installation Process

After our initial conversation, we’ll start by visiting your property. There we can assess your available area, landscaping, and facilities, as well as any limitations to consider. We’ll discuss all our options with you.

After evaluating your yard and landscape, we’ll present you with pool layout and design options that will fit your property. We can help you choose between the different styles and designs, and how they would fit your available land—and your budget. 

Once your pool is designed and all the features chosen, work can begin by digging to your pool’s specifications. Our crews consider how best to access your pool area, and will work safely within your property, minimizing impact on the rest of your yard, and quickly creating the space for your pool. 

Once the pool and its walls are installed in the space, we install all the electrical and plumbing features according to our plan, and backfill to fill in the remaining space around the pool itself. 

Once the pool area is filled back in, we can build out the features that make your pool usable: the concrete, decking, tile, and other supporting structures that allow you to walk around, jump from, and sit near your pool. Structural strength and aesthetics are balanced to give you an attractive, practical and safe area around your pool. 

Next, the interior of your pool is finished. If concrete is used, the finished surface is created, with a strong, smooth structure. The interior is sealed and readied for eventual filling. 

Finally, the last step before filling is finishing the surrounding landscaping to your taste. Our experienced landscapers provide a gorgeous, relaxing, and safe environment for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy, with features that complement the size, shape, and colors of your pool and decking, as well as the yard around your pool area. 

Popular Vinyl Pool Shapes









Fiberglass Pool Colors

Sapphire Blue
Ocean Blue
Night Sky
Shale Grey
Coastal Bronze
Pearl White

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A project this large means choosing your installation partner is extremely important. Your inground pool will require an experienced team to consider all the factors of your project, making sure you have a stress-free experience, a smooth installation, and the pool you’ve always dreamed of. Get started on creating your backyard oasis by requesting a free estimate from ACME Pools. 


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