ACME Pool & Spa Company

4502 Commercial Drive, New Hartford

Pool Options & Accessories

Make your pool experience even better with stress-free robotic cleaner, beautiful fountains and more.

LED Lighting

There aren’t many things that bring out the true beauty and tranquility of a pool than high-quality lights. Our lighting options are fully customizable, and are guaranteed to transform your pool area.

Deck Jets/Fountains

Love the fun of water fountains? The WetDek backyard splash pad, programmable with up to 12 jets is a great complement to your existing pool. Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them.

Robotic Pool Vacuums

’s important to clean your pool regularly so you can continue to enjoy it throughout the season. Regular cleaning can take some of the fun away from your weekends and evenings, but you’re in luck – the Cosmy is here to help! 

Toys, Games & Floats

Whether your pool time is about you or the kids relaxing, playing, or competing, there are countless options for pool entertainment and relaxation. If you’ve seen it, we have it, from water baskets to slides, toys, floats and games. 

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Our friendly staff are here to make it easy for you to find all the features and fun you need in and around your pool all season long. Stop in to see what we have in stock or contact us today!

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