The Dolphin S50 is the robot you need at an affordable price. This lightweight robot is ideal for cleaning the bottom of small pools, including above-ground pools.

Effortless handling:

– Top access to filtration system – quick filter cleaning.

– Lightweight, easy to handle.

– Fast, clean water drainage.


Crystal-clear water cleaning results:

– Active brushing eliminates algae and bacteria.

– Efficient, easy-to-use filtration system.

– Effectively removes both fine particles and large debris.


Peace of mind:

– Proven reliability – manufactured by Maytronics, the leader in robotic pool cleaners.

– Fast maintenance and repair.

Tech Specs

  • Maximum Pool length 8 m
  • Cleaning Coverage Floor
  • Default Cycle Time 1.5 Hours
  • Filter TypeFine Filter Kit
  • Anti Tangling Swivel No
  • Mobile Application No
  • Weekly Timer No
  • Delay Feature No
  • Warranty (years) 2

Main Features

Easy Access Top Load Filter

No more touching the debris! Lift the filter out, unsnap the bottom and rinse

CleverClean™ Smart Navigation

Smart navigation of any pool, for maximum coverage

Powerful Active Scrubbing

Intense scrubbing for an unmatched clean

Quick Water Release

Releases water quickly for lightweight removal from pool

Fine Filter

Single-level filtration – Ideal for large dirt and debris

Ideal for above ground pools

Designed specifically for above ground pools