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The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous Discovery is the perfect spa for tight spaces – its triangle shape makes it a great corner hot tub that virtually disappears.

Seats: 2

Jets: 14

The Nashville

The Nashville is the perfect personal hot tub for you and a companion. Lay back and relax in the lounge or chat up your partner in the therapy seat next to you. 

Seats: 3

Jets: 22

The Monaco

This throwback to the round hot tub days has a generous lounge with jets from neck to feet, two deep therapy seats with full-back therapy, and two bucket seats.

Seats: 5

Jets: 23

The Broadway

You’ll feel like you just won a Tony Award when you slip into your Broadway hot tub! 

Seats: 5

Jets: 30

The Hollywood

Grab your entourage and get ready to party the night away in true Hollywood style! With room for six this hot tub has it all.

Seats: 6

Jets: 40

The Vegas

The Vegas hot tub’s unique seating positions provide comfort for six people and include six therapy seats.

Seats: 6

Jets: 40

The Woodstock

The Woodstock is party central with seven seats for seven attendees. 

Seats: 7

Jets: 50


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